i’ve always had a love for cards ever since i was a little girl. my mom would leave me sweet little notes wishing me luck on a test or letting me know how much she loved me in a card she hand picked especially for me. like my mom, i began buying cards and writing sweet notes 'just because.'

sweetlittlenothingsxo was always a dream that never came to fruition until i began roaming the aisles of my favorite card shop and wasn't able to find the perfect card to send my boyfriend who lived across the country. long distance relationship cards are hard to come by and not finding the right one really inspired me to create my own. the first idea was the “i miss you” card. the relationship didn’t last and i never sent the note, but it gave me the push to focus on what I love- making people happy with a small, thoughtful gesture filled with lots of love.

sweetlittlenothingsxo is handcrafted and made locally in los angeles.

-owner and creator, erica sardarian